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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I’ve been asked to write a letter or recommendation on behalf of Barry Brandt. This is a difficult task. As a lawyer, like most, I often say and write too much. I have known Barry Brandt for 39 years and have gotten to know him even more since his retirement from litigation. The difficulty with this task is that there is so much to say about Barry, all good of course, and not enough time to do the job properly.

As a lawyer, he was meticulous and was always deeply involved with the matter at hand regardless of who the client was. In my experience in dealing with Barry on a professional level, it was evident that he was a tough negotiator for his client’s interests, but he always respected the issues that I would have with my client dealing with the same matter. It is because of this professional give and take, respecting not only the desires of the clients involved, but the attorneys as well, that issues would be resolved. As a result, we have become the best of friends in these later years, with a mutual respect given to a very few in our lifetime.

I have discussed issues of mediation with Barry on many occasions in the last ten years. I still practice and always look for his counsel in matters that I handle that perplex me, and were part of a pending mediation. His reasoning and ability to focus in on not just the law of the matter, but the personalities and egos of the combatants, made dissecting the mediation a joy and also made the mediation meaningful. Too often mediations are a waste of time due to either the bullheaded attitude of the lawyers involved or the attitude of the clients. Barry's insight to getting over these issues made my personal approach to mediation so much simpler and also much more meaningful.

Barry’s concerns always seem to be reaching down to the wants of the clients coupled with their personalities, and he uses this approach to bring them around to the process. Once in a while he would even throw in something about the law, but only if all else would fail.

Should I have mediation in the future I would want a mediator who would have the same approach with my client and with the process. If this letter is intended to support his position as a mediator with your organization, I would say that it would be a loss to that organization not to have engaged his services.

Should you wish to discuss this individual on a more detailed level, please feel free to call me at your convenience.

Louis Novak
Attorney at Law

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