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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a more collegial alternative to litigation. The process includes a third party mediator who can resolve a dispute between two parties privately and confidentially, and also without the confrontation found within a court proceeding. Confidential means there are no records regarding information gathered during the mediation that will be kept in an administrative file, no public displays, and nothing said by either party can be used later.

There are several benefits to mediation:

  1. Less Stress - The entire process is much less confrontational than a courtroom proceeding.

  2. Save Money – You are urged to hire an attorney, but the hours that your attorney has to spend on your case will be dramatically reduced. However, there is no requirement to hire attorneys for your mediation.

  3. Save Time - Depending on the situation, a mediated dispute could be resolved within just a few hours, rather than months of a long drawn-out court battle.

  4. Less Collateral Damage - A private process will also cut down on the likelihood of strained relationships or emotional harm to others outside the dispute who, nonetheless, are affected by their proximity to those involved.

  5. Keep Control - With mediation you are able to maintain more control over the resolution process since mediation leaves the decision power with the parties involved.

  6. Better Communication - The mediator will not assess blame or decide what is “fair” or “right”. The mediator instead acts as a catalyst between opposing parties and attempts to bring them together by guiding them through a better communication process. This allows you to have a better expectation of the results, as the mediator will seek compromises from each side during the process.

  7. Improved Mutual Resolution - A skilled mediator can help the parties distinguish between the real issues and those caused by anger, mistrust and resentment. If each party is given the opportunity to see each other’s perspective in a neutral environment, he or she is more likely to come to a settlement closer to what each had in mind, rather than one imposed upon them by a court.

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