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Personal Injury Mediation

Mediation provides the opportunity to settle a personal injury lawsuit before engaging in a long drawn-out, stressful court trial. The mediation process allows all parties to keep control of the situation while retaining all legal rights. Should negotiations fail to produce an agreement, what transpired during mediation is totally confidential and cannot be used in a court proceeding. A judge or jury cannot know details of what was shared during mediation or why it failed. There is nothing lost by the effort to mediate prior to litigation while, more often than not, there is much to gain. With the new service cuts in the court system, the use of mediation becomes ever more desirable.

The injured party in a personal injury matter is often left in dire straits with loss of income as well as the pain and suffering he or she may be enduring. Litigating personal injury cases can involve witnesses, expert testimony, depositions, and other factors that can cause it to drag on indefinitely while the costs spiral. Often there seems to be no end in sight for the injured party. Similarly, a claims adjuster for an insurance company is quite aware of the escalating costs involved in the litigation of a personal injury claim. In most cases both parties will be highly motivated to avoid a drawn-out trial if their situation can be conveyed openly and honestly through the services of a mediator with experience in personal injury matters.

Personal injury claims can be challenging and often include ongoing medical treatment, which may take time and effort to asses those costs. The claimant will want to take great care to make sure this is done accurately and presented concisely to a claims adjuster. However, achieving a settlement in mediation will dispense the additional time and expense of navigating the court system.

Whether the personal injury claim arises from an auto accident, dog bite, industrial accident, premises liability, medical malpractice or product liability, utilizing mediation services offers the same benefits. Even if one or both parties have engaged legal counsel, mediation provides the opportunity to expedite settlement. In some cases, when a costly court battle is avoided and the amount to settle a claim is limited, mediation can permit more money to be available for a settlement. A mediator with experience in the intricacies of personal injury claims can help the parties convey and understand the opposing parties’ point of view and facilitate a settlement. Contact Barry Brandt for experienced mediation of your personal injury case.

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