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    Mediation can help.

    If you have a conflict and are possibly even facing court, why not avoid the chances of a bad decision by a judge or jury? Why not avoid the large expense and emotional burden of a law suit? Mediation can help avoid all of these issues.

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  • Divorce isn’t the end.

    It’s going to take a while for things to get back to “normal” and divorce hearings certainly don’t expidite things. Family mediation is the quickest and most effective way for you to get on the road to starting your new life.

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  • Personal Injury.

    Mediation provides the opportunity to settle a personal injury lawsuit before engaging in a protracted stressful court trial. All parties are allowed to keep control of the situation while retaining all their legal rights.

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Mediation with Barry Brandt

Barry Brandt will re-establish communication, reduce stress, substantially reduce the costs of litigation, and avoid a forced outcome. Mr. Brandt believes the final decision of most disputes should be left in the hands of the parties involved with the help of a professional mediator to guide them. A calm, neutral setting can allow both sides to be heard so that a rational resolution can be reached. Each situation deserves unique attention, which cannot always be offered through litigation. A mediator can help the parties see the bigger picture, allowing for a peaceful conclusion to a sometimes messy dispute.

What is mediation?

Barry Brandt is about letting your voice be heard and also helping you understand the entirety of your situation. Resolving your

issues in a way that will leave both parties feeling like the winner, because it’s not about right or wrong, it’s about finding a solution that works.

Whether you are looking to mediate a divorce, a settlement with an insurance adjuster, a contract dispute or professional liability issue, or even a dispute with a neighbor, you may find the most satisfactory outcome for both parties lies with mediation rather than litigation. Mediation services have been an important component of Barry Brandt's law practice for more than 30 years of his distinguished legal career. Now mediation is the core of his practice throughout Southern California. As a compassionate mediator rather than a litigator, Barry has been able to resolve countless disputes before they become contentious litigations where simple differences can escalate to major skirmishes in a combative process.

“Barry has the ability to analyze the issues in the case and separate the important from the unimportant and is dedicated to 'getting it right'. He has earned and enjoys the respect of all judges."

Contact Barry Brandt today to find out how he might resolve your dispute.

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